We bottle our sierra’s purest Fuentedueñas, the Sierra Espuña water
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The Fuentedueñas Spring is located on the Sierra Espuña Nature Reserve, one of the most protected areas of the Murcia region and home to an array of plant and animal life.

A number of geological and climactic elements combine to make this space ideal for the formation of groundwater, and in fact there are traces of this water being used since ancient times here,

both in everyday life and symbolically. There is a rich tradition relating to the Sierra Espuña water’s healing properties, and in the long history of its use there have been cases of people being cured of “various ills and fevers”, as a number of documents held in Murcia’s historical archives attest.

The FUENTEDUEÑAS spring emerges at an altitude of 910 m at a temperature of 13 ºC on the Prado Chico Estate, located in the Sierra Espuña Regional Park (Murcia).

Its purity and balanced mineralisation result from the snow and rainwater, during their slow purification on their way to the aquifer, being enriched by the rocks with minerals that are essential to health and life.


8 l
1,5 l

Natural Mineral Water

Low mineral content. Recommended for low-sodium diets and preparing baby foods.